Red Shirts, Black shoes, black socks, black pants for all performances.

Here's a list of most of the pieces in our folders, and link to a decent recording (or best I could find) of each:  

[ to be added ]



Hey Band Members- let me know if you would like to share links to "other" band/music stuff that you're involved in!   I'll start it off-  here's a couple links leading to my own musical dabblings:

And here's a link to the band that Becky plays in, and upcoming gigs:

Here's a link from Sandy, to the Ft. Atkinson Band's website (and check out their gorgeous acoustic shell!) and another band that she's involved with, the Palymyra-Eagle Community Band:
And a link to our fantastic Stoughton Opera House w/ their jam-packed concert schedule! 

High School music-related events:
A really excellent local brass band: