2017 Syttende Mai parade riding on our brand new (to us) trailer!

2017 Syttende Mai Parade, riding on our brand new (to us) trailer from the Shriners!

Becky and Cindy, in selfie-mode                                                     Peter, shot by a bystander (Lynn Tews)

Playing by the river during the  2015 Syttende Mai Canoe race

Playing at Oregon, WI in 2014 summer concert

Above:  Oregon Summerconcert 2014


Below:  2014 Christmas Concert at Opera House

2013 Christmas Concert at Opera House 

Above/Below:  Final performance in Skallen Home Chapel (due to rain), 2013 

Above:  Performance at Stoughton Opera House - Christmas 2010

Riding/playing in the 2010 Syttende Mai Parade (above) and a performance down by the Yahara River (below)

Above- Millie Gardner, director from  1987 - 2007 and Roger Gohlke, director from 2007 to present